Spekboom Media is founded on two important truths; the first is that humanity is constantly moving forward to become more connected and more aware of our shared humanity. We want to be a part of this positive, forward movement. The second truth is that visual stories have tremendous power to move people, tell stories, and create change. We are committed to working with clients to create striking images that tell stories, change hearts, and break down barriers.

We work with media agencies, NGOs, NPOs, funders and Corporate Social Investment programs to create exciting stories about positive work being done in South Africa, and further afield in Africa, and the world.


Sophie Smith

Sophie is a freelance photojournalist who creates the media resources you need to tell your story with clarity and resonance, but she also walks you through what types of images you need and how best to use them. She is trained as a journalist, and has 10 years of experience as a photographer in multiple fields, as well as having worked for a NonProfit Organisation herself to establish a community project. Not only does she understand how to create striking images and utilise them well, she also understands the ethics behind photography and working with disenfranchised and minority groups.


  • Featured, Then and Now, Albany History Museum (Grahamstown) // 2009

  • Impressions of Guangzhou, Rhodes University Journalism Department (Grahamstown) // 2009

  • Featured, The Environmental Photographer of the Year (London) // 2010

  • ‘Rooiland’ displayed at the Antwerp University (Belgium) // 2010

  • Poverty Mentality, De Buuren Art House, (Belgium) // 2011

Featured Media

Africa Geographic, The Weekender, Die Burger, Delivery Magazine, Top Billing, Horizons,Cue, SciCue, Grocott’s Mail, Rhodos, Rhodos, Rhodes University Publications, Go2Africa, Cape Epic.

NPO and CSR Clients

Malamulele Onward (RSA), Expanding Opportunities (Kenya), Kedesh Santuario (Mozambique), Kariega Foundation (RSA), Jerusalem Ministries (RSA), The Human Dignity Centre (RSA), Common Good (RSA), South African Breweries (Cape Town).